What We Do

We are abolitionists fighting for the rights of unhoused people through mutual aid and direct action. Born out of Boulder DSA‘s direct action working group in 2018.

Our primary focus is our survival programs. Currently, we organize two-to-three food and supply distributions each week, plus occasional emergency cold-weather survival distros and a pop-up warming shelter.


We organize weekly food and supply distros every Tuesday and Wednesday evening, and most Thursdays. These distros are fairly mobile around downtown, but meet at the same place and time every week:

Tuesday: Meets at 6:00pm in the municipal building parking lot.
Wednesday: Meets at 5:30pm behind Holy Crêpe (the building that used to be South Mouth).
Thursday: Meets at 6:00pm in the municipal building parking lot.

The food and supplies we distribute vary from night to night, but generally we have warm food, water, and various survival supplies: lighters, candles, gloves, flashlights, etc. We also occasionally have camping gear like tents, tarps, and sleeping bags.

In advance of severe cold weather, we sometimes run emergency distros. These distros are generally much more mobile than the weekly ones, as we try to find folks all over town, and generally have more of a focus on survival gear than on food.

If you need specific supplies, or have something you’d like to donate, feel free to contact us or donate!