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2023 Pride Potluck

June 25, 2023 @ 6:00 pm 9:00 pm

Just a chill, gay potluck in the park! Enjoy food, tunes, & more in the company of fellow queers, allies, and accomplices. We’ll bring food, but if you want, feel free to bring more <3

In the spirit of mutual aid, we’ll also be hosting a free store. Drop off stuff you don’t want, and take stuff that you do! This can be clothes, art, books, survival supplies (tents, tarps, sleeping bags, etc.), you name it.

1505 30th Street
Boulder, 80303
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Norms for the space

  • Fascism and/or bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • We won’t police anyone’s attire, and we’re chill with PDA. Slut it up as much (or as little) as you like.
  • Pride is a rebellion, and rainbow capitalism & pinkwashed cops betray that rebellion. We will not partner with corporate sponsors for this event, nor invite police presence for so-called “security.”
Flyer with text "Boulder Pride Potluck & Mutual Aid Fair, June 25, 6 P.M. – 9 P.M., Scott Carpenter Park." In the middle of the image is a circular progress pride flag ringed with a pink and black queer anarchist flag. Around the flags is a ring of rainbow-colored text reading "music, food, games, art, free shit, gay shit, free gay shit." The words are separated by small hearts. The bottom of the image reads "No cops, No corps!" next to no-signs faux-spray-painted over a police badge and dollar sign. Nearby is the logo for SAFE Boulder.